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Shipwreck Gold Coins and Shipwreck Silver Coins handles premier Shipwreck Gold & Silver Coins recovered from the four most famous shipwrecks in numismatic history. Click on the links of each shipwreck above to learn more about each of these fascinating stories.

Recent advancements in treasure recovery have allowed us to take a look into the past and come in contact with amazing relics from these tragic tales. Every photo in the carousel above links to our coin inventory, past and present.

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Shipwreck Coin - SS Central AmericaShipwreck Coins for Sale

1857-S $20 Liberty Gold Coin About Uncirculated 58 to Mint State 64 from the Shipwreck S.S. Central America
A Double Eagle from the S.S. Central America Shipwreck of 1857 certified by PCGS. Each coin in this exclusive release comes sealed in a specially-designed PCGS holder to protect the intricate details of the coin. In addition, each holder contains a pinch of gold dust recovered from the shipwreck.

1857 S.S. Central America Shipwreck
"The Ship of Gold"

The sinking of the Central America in a hurricane on the 11th of September 1857 in the Atlantic Ocean was one of theworst peacetime tragedies of men, ship, and Gold lost atsea. 425 people were killed and many tons of Gold were thought to have been lost forever. 

On September 11, 1988, exactly 133 years later to the day, the S.S. Central America was located by the Columbus-America Discover Group of Ohio. In 1989, some of the Ship of Gold's cargo of San Francisco Gold coins was finally discovered and retrieved from the bottom of the ocean, but thirty-nine insurance companies filed suit because they had paid damages and wanted their money back. A bitter legal battle went on for years until it was decided to award 92% of the Gold to the discovery team in 1996. Then in March of this year, "a contract was awarded to Odyssey Marine Exploration, which is allowed to conduct more archeological recovery and conservation of the remaining shipwreck." [1]

According to Coin World
the "Odyssey Marine Exploration announced on May 5, 2014, that it has recovered nearly 1,000 ounces of Gold during the first reconnaissance dive to the SS Central America shipwreck site on April 15. According to the firm's press release, the gold recovered included five gold ingots and two Coronet $20 double eagles. One dated 1850 and another dated 1857-S." [2}

Now, some 157 years later, you can own an authentic, historic piece of California Gold Rush history with these Shipwreck Gold Coins and Shipwreck Silver Coins. Click Here to see current Shipwreck Coin inventory.

Click for more on the S.S. Central America Shipwreck

Also, FOLLOW the New S.S. Central America Shipwreck Blog for updates on the
Odyssey Marine Exploration as the California Gold Marketing Group LLC plans to announce more of the gold treasure to go up for sale in 2018! 

1846 S.S. New York Shipwreck Gold Coins

The S.S. New York shipwreck in 1846 was almost overlooked as Americans were devoted to the fighting troops on the battlefields during the war against Mexico.  The ship’s captain unknowingly set sail directly into a hurricane, and after trying to wait it out, the ship tragically turned the wrong way and was unable to recoveritself from the fury of the storm.

On September 7, 1846 the ship was lost to the sea, taking with it 17 souls and thirty to forty thousand dollars worth of U.S. Gold coins, U.S. Silver coins, and bank notes.  The recovery in 2007 revealed an incredible hoard of little-known U.S. Southern mint Gold and Silver coins, some of which are the finest known Charlotte, Dahlonega, and New Orleans coins.

Click for S.S. New York Shipwreck details

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Shipwreck Gold Coins
1865 S.S. Republic Shipwreck "Confederate" Silver Coins
For the first time ever, NGC has certified a group of shipwreck coins from the S.S. Republic with the unique pedigree that identifies each coin as have been struck at the New Orleans Mint while under control of the Confederate States of America.

Never before have collectors been able to show off 1861-O Seated Liberty Silver Half Dollars that were both part of the historic 1865 Shipwreck of the S.S. Republic and identified as having been struck by the Confederacy. Without a doubt, these collectibles minted during the Civil War are unique and available today in strictly limited quantity.

Click for S.S. Republic Shipwreck details

1865 S.S. Republic Shipwreck "Confederate" Silver Coins
1865 S.S. Brother Jonathan Shipwreck
In July of 1865 the side wheeler steamship the S.S. Brother Jonathan sailed from the harbor in San Francisco overloaded with cargo.  On board was a treasure chest of Gold mined during the California Gold Rush Days.  A gale kicked up shortly after Brother Jonathan left port and the storm worsened. Around one o’clock in the afternoon, the ill-fated steamer passed Crescent City, California, hitting the Saint George Reef. The impact
was so jarring that both passengers and crew were tossed overboard.

Click for more on the S.S. Brother Jonathan Shipwreck
1865 S Shipwreck Gold Coins -1865 S.S. Brother Jonathan Shipwreck

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