The S.S. Republic Shipwreck Coins
A History-Mmaking Collection of Civil War Era U.S. Silver coins
S.S. Republic Shipwreck Coins

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Imagine holding in your hands a large Silver Half Dollar that was minted during the Civil War in 1861. Further, consider that this silver coin was recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, after lying underwater off the coast of Georgia for 138 years… a coin with the unique history of surviving the 1865 shipwreck of the S.S. Republic steamship. A rare coin with these credentials is impressive to anyone. But, now a secret about the 1861-O has just come to light that's sure to make these coins absolutely irresistible.

Well Known Shipwreck Coins
You may have heard of the historic S.S. Republic steamer that sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1865 loaded with a treasure trove of rare U.S. coins. NBC, MSNBC, National Geographic, and the History Channel produced documentaries about the historic shipwreck using the amazing mini-sub and robotic technology on the Odyssey to find the shipwreck and bring its precious and historic cargo to the surface.

Perhaps just as fascinating is the unique process used to conserve, restore, and preserve these never circulated silver coins recovered from under 1700 feet of seawater where they lay untouched for 138 years.

First Release of “Confederate States of America” Silver Coins
We have just learned that a special allotment has emerged from the recovered coins– the first coins ever to be certified by NGC as from the "S.S. Republic" and struck by the "Confederate States of America."

This announcement is sure to thrill collectors of all kinds, especially those who love Civil War artifacts and memorabilia from shipwrecks.

First Coins Ever NGC CertifiedNewly-Identified Coins Struck Under the Confederacy
Many coin collectors will want to know how this scientific breakthrough was accomplished. To begin with, the 1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar is unique in American history as the only coin series that was known to be struck while the New Orleans Mint was under the control of three different governments— first under the Union, then under the State of Louisiana when they had seceded from the Union, and finally under the control of the Confederate States of America when Louisiana joined the Confederacy.

The biggest problem was how to identify which coins were struck under which government. Thanks to the wide variety and high quality of the S.S. Republic Shipwreck 1861-O specimens, the missing pieces of the puzzle have finally been filled in. Through tedious examination of tiny die break lines with microscopes and highly trained eyes, numismatists sorted out which dies struck coins under each government.

For the first time in history, NGC can now certify 1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollars with a unique double pedigree that identifies the coins we're offering as being both part of the "S.S. Republic Shipwreck" and minted by the "Confederate States of America." This unique designation will follow these coins forever as the NGC certificate is sealed inside the holder.

We're convinced that the 1861-O Half Dollars identified as from the "Confederate States of America" will be highly sought after by Shipwreck collectors and Civil War buffs alike, and they are sure to sell out quickly.

S.S. Republic Shipwreck Coins BoxUnique Wooden Presentation Case
Collectors will also appreciate the thought, care and craftsmanship put into the beautiful wooden display case created specifically for this release. The outside has been laser engraved with an image of the S.S. Republic steamer. Inside, an excellent DVD documentary produced by National Geographic is included, along with a full color booklet detailing the history of your coins as having come from this rare underwater find.

If you’ve ever had the desire to own a unique piece of American history, we are in a position to place the amazing 1861-O Mint Silver Dollar in your hands today.

You might expect the NGC designation “Confederate States Issue” to double or triple the collector interest in this coin and also dramatically increase the price. However, we have been able locate an extremely limited quantity of these exquisite coins, available now until they are sold out completely.

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